Friday, January 6, 2012

Chinese Girls and Bars in Shenzhen

I'm a Canadian dating coach working and travelling in China. This means I know quite a bit about Chinese Girls (let's keep this PG, don't think that way :P) and the night life of the places I've visited.

I happened to live in Shenzhen for about 2 months while I was sorting some stuff out work-wise and finding a more permanent living location. The picture above is of a mini-cruise ship (what do you call that?) that you'd think was floating in water but is actually ringed with concrete. Bars in Shenzhen really cater to foreigners, so if that seems strange it's because Chinese people think foreigners are strange ;)

That was one of the quickest traits I learned about Chinese girls, or at least the ones in Shenzhen. They had really weird ideas about foreigners. It's like we're magic butter that, if you rub up against, will turn you into a superstar overnight. This is both good and bad. Good, because you get a favourable first impression even if you're hideous, and bad because there's a lot to live up to after the star power wears off.

I never really took that super power foreigner-ness for granted - being socially aware is universally sexy - but I noticed a lot of foreigners feeling like they were in the lime-light despite heading for disaster.

In short, Chinese girls will give a foreigner 5 minutes of star power but after that you need to back it up with real social savvy.

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